Workers riot against Turkish pro-gov't company after discovering worms in food

Workers from the pro-government Kalyon Holding started a riot in the construction site cafeteria to protest the multi-million-lira company's mistreatment, most recently serving them food that had gone bad and contained worms. Separately, workers protested the pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) holding for months of unpaid wages.

Duvar English

Workers from the pro-government Kalyon Holding construction company started a riot in their cafeteria in protest of the deplorable conditions they are forced to work in and the low quality of food they are provided by the company.

"This is how justice will prevail from now on," one of the workers is heard yelling in videos of the unrest, as others threw trays in the air and broke tables in the cafeteria.

Most visibly, the workers were deprived of basic hygiene conditions as the multi-million lira company served the construction employees food that had gone bad and contained bugs and worms. 

Separately, workers to whom their employer Kayı İnşaat still owes months of unpaid wages protested outside the company's Istanbul headquarters to address their boss Coşkun Yılmaz.

"Coşkun, pay us what we deserve, Coşkun, pay the money!" workers are heard yelling in the videos of them outside Kalyon Holding.