154 journalists call for end to violence against LGBTI+s in Turkey

Releasing a joint statement, 154 journalists in Turkey have demanded an end to the violence against LGBTI+s. The journalists said they do not want to write more news reportings “about violence against and prohibition to LGBTI+s.”

Duvar English

154 journalists in Turkey have released a joint statement drawing attention to the violence and discrimination against the LGBTI+ community in the country.

In the statement, journalists said the government's pressure against LGBTI+s has increased with the Pride Month, and added that they do not want to write more news reportings “about violence and prohibition to LGBTI+s.”

“We journalists have to write a new report on police violence and detention every day. However, we want to write, shoot and broadcast the voices and words of LGBTI+s. We would like to report the struggle for freedom, not violence, in LGBTI+ Pride Marches,” they said. 

The journalists said the “policy of hostility” against the community has significantly increased during the election period, and noted “Violence, of which we as journalists have become victims, directly threatens social peace in Pride Marches.”

“We are calling out to the authorities: Stop violating the freedom of expression and association of LGBTI+s. Happy LGBTI+ Pride Month!” they added.

The long-lasting anti-LGBTI+ stance of the ruling Justice and Development Party especially accelerates during June, Pride Month. Last year, the Turkish police attacked and detained hundreds of people who joined pride marches around the country.

The name of the journalists.