19 dead dogs found in garbage container in Istanbul’s Beykoz

Nineteen dead dogs have been found in a garbage container in Istanbul’s Beykoz district. The municipality has announced that a judicial process has been launched into the incident.

Duvar English

The municipality of Beykoz in Istanbul has announced that 19 dead dogs were found in a garbage container on March 15. The incident came out to light after a citizen spotted the dead dogs in the container in the Baklacı neighborhood, state-run Anadolu Agency reported. 

“Dead animals were properly removed from the container and then the container was disinfected to avoid any toxicology," the municipality said.

It also said that the dogs were not determined to have been physically assaulted or poisoned, and an investigation was launched into the incident. 

The citizen named Halil İbrahim Dilmaç recalled the moments he first spotted the dead dogs by saying: "The lid of the container was open. I looked inside, there was a dead dog. I looked, a few bags were torn down, there were dogs in it. There were at least 10 dead dogs.”

Recently, various discussions about "dangerous" stray dogs have been on the public agenda in Turkey.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Dec. 25 instructed municipalities to capture “dangerous” dogs and place them in shelters. Since his order, authorities all around the county have been busy capturing dogs illegally and taking them to shelters.