4 injured, 13 detained in fight over peaches in Ankara market

Four people were injured and 13 people were detained in a fight that erupted in an open-air market in the Turkish capital Ankara on Aug. 23.

Duvar English

Four people were injured and 13 people were detained after a fight erupted over crushed peaches in an Ankara market on Aug. 23. 

The commotion took place in an open-air market in the Keçiören district of the capital when a customer tried to return some peaches to a vendor because they were crushed, Demirören News Agency reported. 

The vendor reportedly insulted the customer who wanted to return the fruit, and the fight grew to a point where municipal workers nearby had to intervene. 

Four people were injured in the fight, prompting law enforcement and health workers to report to the scene; some vendors took advantage of the commotion to sell onions and potatoes to the officers. 

Nine of the 13 detainees were released on charges of resisting arrest, while the other four were transferred to the courthouse on injury charges. 

Keçiören District Mayor Turgut Altınok said that the local government has worked for years to ensure a safe space for customers at local marketplaces by ridding them of mafia.

"The correct vendors are our joy and pride but we could never tolerate shopkeepers who insult customers or sell faulty goods," the mayor said, adding that the vendors involved in the fight have been subject to legal proceedings.