63 percent of Turks believe economy will fare worse next year

As Turkey is grappling with an unprecedented economic crisis, 63 percent of citizens believe that the economy will fare worse in 2023 compared to this year, according to a recent survey.

This file photo shows a group of people walking on Istanbul's famous İstiklal Avenue.

Duvar English

According to a survey conducted by Yöneylem Research, a whopping majority of Turkish citizens believe that the country will fare worse in 2023 compared to this year, according to reporting by the daily Sözcü.

Asked if they "believe Turkey's situation will be better or worse within the next year?” 62.9 percent of the survey participants said, “It will be worse,” while 20.9 percent said, “It will be better” and 7.5 percent said, “It will be the same.”

The survey was conducted in March in Turkey's 27 provinces.

The survey participants were also asked how they thought the country was run. Some 60 percent said it was “run in a bad way,” while 15.6 percent answered “neither good nor bad.” It was only 22.1 percent who thought the country was “run in a good way.”

Asked if Turkey was doing “better or worse compared to last year,” 88.9 percent answered “worse.”

Some 85.3 percent of the survey participants demanded that the national minimum wage be increased, with 39.5 percent demanding that it be hiked to above 7,000 liras amid skyrocketing inflation.

Half of the surveyed said they had a bill from last month that they were unable to pay, while 43.6 percent said at least one of their family members was looking for a job.

The participants were also asked to name a party that they would vote for if there were an election this weekend.

AKP's support level stands at 31 percent

When those will refrain from voting at all and undecided voters were eliminated, it has come to light that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) would receive 31.2 percent of the votes, while the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) would garner a support level of 28.6 percent in a possible immediate election.

The support level for İYİ (Good) Party was 14.5 percent, while it became 10 percent for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), 7.8 percent for the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), 2 percent for DEVA Party, 0.7 percent for Felicity Party and 0.5 percent for the Future Party.

Asked if they thought it would be the ruling People's Alliance or the opposition Nation Alliance that would garner the most of the votes in parliamentary elections, 55.6 percent of the surveyed went with the “government coalition,” while 44.6 percent answered “opposition coalition.”

Meanwhile, the support level for the current executive presidential system came out to be a mere 30.4 percent, while 60.8 percent of the survey participants favored the parliamentary system.

Some 56.4 percent of the surveyed said they would “never vote for” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, while 31.3 percent said they would vote for him.