AKP deputy mayor calls for main opposition politicians to be 'hanged'

Turkey's main opposition CHP has filed a criminal complaint against a ruling AKP deputy mayor who referred to the CHP as a "damned party" and called for CHP politicians "to be hanged" in a social media post.

Navi Çoktan, a deputy mayor of Şanlıurfa's Akçakale district from the ruling AKP, has called on authorities to “hang” CHP politicians.

Duvar English

Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has filed a criminal complaint against a deputy mayor from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) over his comments targeting CHP politicians.

The criminal complaint was filed by CHP MP Aziz Aydınlık, representing the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, as well as CHP Şanlıurfa provincial head and district heads.

“The CHP is a party that has received 11.5 million votes [in the last elections], and a person who calls this party a 'damned party' and wants to hang CHP officials will defend himself in front of the judiciary,” CHP MP Aydınlık was quoted as saying in a statement by ANKA news agency on Aug. 9. 

The criminal complaint concerned social media posts of Navi Çoktan, a deputy mayor of Şanlıurfa's Akçakale district, who called on authorities to “hang” CHP politicians.

“Is there damned party on earth like the CHP which continues with its patronizing policy towards this country's people since the day it was appointed? This time, it [CHP] is after policies that target our lungs; it is a must to hang these [CHP politicians],” Çokan said in a social media post.

The AKP deputy mayor's comments drew severe ire, with CHP MP Mahmut Tanal saying that such a person should not be a civil servant.

“It should be also explained how this person has been brought to the deputy mayorship position at the Akçakale Municipality when he was serving as a staff of the Şanlıurfa Governor's Office,” Talan said in a series of tweets on Aug. 6, also sharing Çokan's relevant social media post.

Talan said that not only Çokan's social media posts carry elements of crime due to “inciting enmity and hatred,” but also Turkey's Law No. 657 on Civil Servants makes it clear that civil servants cannot conduct politics.

The relevant province's governor is legally obliged to refer a civil servant to the judiciary in the face of their criminal acts or any kind of action that does not “comply with the Civil Servants Law," Talan said. 

“Şanlıurfa Governor Abdullah Erin, we expect that you ensure a criminal complaint is filed at the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office against the aforementioned civil servant, who is under your responsibility and surveillance, due to the crimes indicated in the Turkish Penal Code and that he is punished,” Talan wrote, also mentioning the governor in the tweet.