AKP Youth Branch stages sit-in protests at Starbucks stores against 'its pro-Israel stance'

Turkish ruling AKP’s Youth Branch has staged sit-in protests at Starbucks stores across the country, arguing the company supports Israel against Palestinians.

Duvar English

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Youth Branch on Oct. 27 staged sit-in protests at Starbucks stores across the country against the company’s “pro-Israel stance.”

In a statement, AKP Youth Branch head Eyyüp Kadir İnan said they staged “a ‘blocking action’ by sitting with our Palestine scarves for half an hour at Starbucks stores in our 81 provinces and all districts” in a move “to support the Palestinian people who are subjected to genocide and to say 'Stop!' to the war criminal Israel and its supporters who committed the genocide.” 

“The purpose of this peaceful protest is to stand against bombs targeting children, women and hospitals. As (AKP) Youth, we call the world to #SayStop,” İnan added.

Previously on Oct. 26, Turkish State Railways (TCDD) head Ufuk Yalçın announced that they notified the contractor company operating the cafeterias in their trains to stop selling Starbucks products. 

“Our Noble Nation has always stood by the oppressed against the oppressors. As TCDD, we would like to inform the public that we will always support our PALESTINIAN brothers and sisters,” he added.

Last week, Starbucks sued Workers United, the union organizing its workers, in federal court in Iowa, saying a pro-Palestinian social media post from a union account early in the Israel-Hamas war angered hundreds of customers and damaged its reputation, AP reported.

However, Starbucks Turkey announced that the company does not provide any financial support to the Israeli government and the Israeli Army.