Turkish Islamist party’s district head protests Israel by spilling cola

A district branch head of the Turkish government ally Islamist New Welfare Party protested Israel by spilling Pepsi on a street. “Either death or jihad,” he said after spilling cola.

Duvar English

Turkish government ally far-right New Welfare Party’s (YRP) Suruç district head Yahya Amaç protested Israel by spilling cola on a street. 

In the footage spread over social media, Amaç was seen spilling a bottle of Pepsi on the ground. “I want to protest for the Palestinians and boycott (Israeli) goods,” he said in his video shared on TikTok.

Arguing that he wanted to go to Gaza to fight but could not due to international agreements, Amaç said, “If we do not die for Al-Aqsa Mosque today, when will we die? If the state allows, I will go and become a martyr as soon as possible. Al-Aqsa Mosque is not alone. Either death or jihad.”