Amid mass poverty, Turkey's top religious body head complains about not renewing his car

Diyanet head Ali Erbaş has made yet another controversial statement, saying that his car is 11 years old and that he can't change it due to the fear of criticism. Diyanet's massive budget amid mass poverty is often slammed by the opposition.

Duvar English 

Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) head Ali Erbaş has complained about not renewing his car, totally ignoring the mass poverty in the country. 

Erbaş on Dec. 26 responded to former minister Yaşar Okuyan's criticism of the Diyanet's spending, which often comes under fire for being extreme. 

Saying that his vehicle is 11 years old, Erbaş, who is known for his controversial statements, noted that he can't renew it due to the fear of criticism. 

"The Diyanet received a new car six years ago when Mehmet Görmez was its head. He sent it back to the presidency," Erbaş said, referring to a Mercedes vehicle allocated to the religious body that prompted widespread criticism. 

"Görmez was saddened by it and continued to use his former car. I'm using that 11-year-old car now. It broke down the other day and I had to use the security detail's car. We can't buy another car over fear," he also said.

"There is one Diyanet head in Turkey," Erbaş added. 

The Diyanet's budget often comes under scrutiny in Turkey. Billions of liras were allocated to the body for 2022 and its budget exceeds those of some ministries.