Ancient inscriptions found in eastern Turkey urge 'adherence to law'

A 2100-year-old inscription found by villagers in Turkey’s eastern Adıyaman province belonging to the ancient Greco-Iranian Commagene Kingdom read, “Obey the law, be respectful,” deciphered scientists from Pisa and Oxford Universities. 

Duvar English

An inscribed rock in eastern Turkey’s Adıyaman province dating back to the ancient Commagene Kingdom was partially deciphered by scientists to read, “Obey the law, be respectful,” reported Anadolu Agency on March 15. 

Villagers in 2023 discovered the monumental rock inscription in the cliffs of Adıyaman’s Gerger district. Officials removed the rock with a helicopter and relocated it to the Perrhe archeological site.  

Researchers found that the area was used as a sacred site that included other reliefs and inscriptions.

A team led by Margherita Facella of Pisa University and Charles Crowther of Oxford University has been studying the inscription for the past week. 

The experts dated the inscription back 2100 years, and said it would “illuminate human and Commagene history.” 

The inscription included King Antiochus the First’s speeches to the public. There was a relief of Antiochus I and Mithridates I on the back of the rock. 

The group will share extensive findings about the inscription in the future.

The UNESCO Heritage Site Mount Nemrut is also located in current day Adıyaman and features head statues of Antiochus I and ancient Greek and Iranian deities.