Anti-vaccine group holds large meeting in Istanbul, targets doctors

An anti-vaccine group has held a large meeting in Istanbul's Üsküdar and targeted doctors. "The doctors will be tried," Dr. Bilgehan Bilge told the cheering crowd.

Duvar English 

An anti-vaccination group has held a large meeting in Istanbul's Üsküdar district and targeted doctors for advising people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The gathering titled "Plandemic Meeting" came days after another anti-vaccination group distributed pamphlets on Istanbul's streets that called for people to avoid being inoculated. 

Various individuals addressed the packed crowd during the meeting on June 27, with Dr. Bilgehan Bilge saying that the doctors will be tried. 

"Never ever get vaccinated. Let them prevent us from getting on planes and entering malls. They will change their minds a year later and apologize to those who got vaccinated," Bilge said. 

"This is not a slogan or a joke! They will be tried! The doctors will be tried, not the poor health workers or nurses," he also said. 

Nearly 50,000 people died in Turkey because of COVID-19 since March 11. The vaccination efforts have speeded up in recent weeks.