Assailant attempts to attack HDP provincial buildings twice

A person left an explosive and flammable substance in the building used jointly by HDP and YSP in Adana province and later went to another party building. While two people, including the assailant, were detained in connection with the incident, police officers told the party members not to "exaggerate" the attack.

Duvar English

An assaulter on Aug. 20 left an explosive and flammable substance in three plastic bottles in the southern Adana provincial building used jointly by the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and its backup party Green Left Party (YSP).

HDP Adana Provincial organization stated that the person came to the building, waited on the stairs for 15 minutes after the door of the building was not opened, left the bottles she took out of his bag in front of the door, and left the building.

While the police investigated the scene, the woman who attempted to attack the building and another person with her was caught by the party members before a party event in Adana’s Seyhan district and handed over to the police.

According to party members, after they caught the woman at a nearby bus stop, she said, "Who are you, the police sent me.” 

YSP Adana MP Tülay Hatimoğulları responded to the assailants by expressing, "The entire nation of Turkey is closely observing this situation, and we are not going to allow it to be dismissed or overlooked." In reply, the police retorted, "Don't make such an exaggeration."

On its website, Adana Governor’s Office stated that the attacker was “mentally unstable” and gave “inconsistent” answers about why she carried out this attack.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in 2015 carried out a bomb attack against the same building and wounded seven people.

Many attack in 2023 carried out against HDP and YSP buildings especially prior to elections. Turkish government officials and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), have undertaken efforts to delegitimize the party, leveling allegations of "engaging in terrorist propaganda" against it for years.