At least 139 workers die in workplace during May in Turkey

At least 139 workers died in workplace accidents during May in Turkey, according to the Assembly for Worker Health and Safety’s (İSİG) latest report. In the first five months of 2024, a total of 738 workers died in the workplace.

Duvar English

At least 738 workers lost their lives in workplace accidents in the first five months of 2024, Turkey’s Worker Health and Work Safety (İSİG) Assembly reported in its latest “Workplace Homicide Report.”

At least 161 workers died in in January, 149 in February, 124 in March, 165 in April, and 139 in May.

According to the report, the province with the highest number of workplace deaths in May was Istanbul with 15 workers. It was followed by western Bursa province with eight deaths, the capital Ankara and Sakarya province with seven deaths each, and Urfa with six deaths.

Two child workers aged 15-17 were killed in workplace accidents. Among the 139 workers who lost their lives, 29 were aged 18-29, 62 were aged 30-49, 30 were aged 50-64, and 10 were 65 and over. The ages of six workers remained unknown.

Seven of these workers were migrant workers and three were women.

The report indicated that the construction and road sector had the highest number of fatalities with 39 deaths. In addition, 25 workers in agriculture and forestry, 22 workers in transportation, eight workers in the metal sector, and seven workers in the accommodation and entertainment sector were killed in workplace accidents.