At least 35 people killed in Turkey in separate crashes at accident sites

At least 35 people were killed and dozens injured in two separate road accidents in Turkey's southeast, each in places where collisions had taken place shortly before.

Reuters - Duvar English 

At least 35 people were killed in southeast Turkey on Aug. 20 when vehicles crashed into first respondents who were attending earlier accidents, authorities said.

Fifteen people including emergency workers and journalists died when a bus crashed into an earlier accident site, regional governor Davut Gül from southeastern province of Gaziantep said. Another 20 people were wounded and received treatment.

"At around 10:45 this morning, a passenger bus crashed here," Gül said, speaking from the scene of the accident on the road east of Gaziantep.

"While the fire brigade, medical teams and other colleagues were responding to the accident, another bus crashed 200 metres behind. The second bus slid to this site and hit the first responders and the wounded people on the ground."

Separately, a truck hit a site some 250 km east in Derik district of Mardin where first respondents were attending to another accident, according to footage.

Twenty people died as a result of the incident in Mardin. Two drivers of the truck were arrested by a cour order on Aug. 21.