Nevşin Mengü

Nevşin Mengü

Who is Nevşin Mengü?

Studied Political Science at Bilkent University, did her MA on sociology at Galatasaray University. Nevşin Mengü started journalism in 2004 at Kanaltürk Tv channel. She worked for Habertürk, TRT Turk, And Hürriyet newspaper as a reporter. She has covered stories on the field. Worked during 2008 Gaza War, covered stories in Afghanistan, Jordan and Kuwait. She has worked in TRT Turk office in Tehran from 2009 to 2010. She has covered the green revolution period with video stories and lives. Nevşin Mengü anchored CNNTURK 18 o’clock news from 2011 to 2016. She had to resign due to political pressure. Now, she is working as a freelance reporter. She is preparing and presenting a weekly show DW Türkçe online channel. She is writing for several outlets

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