Refet Gürkaynak

Refet Gürkaynak

Who is Refet Gürkaynak?

Refet S. Gürkaynak is Professor of Economics Bilkent University, Research Fellow of the Center for Economic Policy Research, CESIfo, and Center for Financial Studies, and member of the independent Academy of Sciences in Turkey. He has a BA from Bilkent and a PhD from Princeton Universities, both in Economics. Prior to his current position he was an economist at the Monetary Affairs Division of the Federal Reserve Board. He is a frequent consultant to various central banks. Gürkaynak’s research focuses on monetary economics, financial markets, and international economics. In particular, he has worked on extracting information from asset prices that help answer monetary policy related questions, especially questions about monetary policy and central bank communication. Gürkaynak has been the recipient of awards from the Central Bank of Turkey, the European Central Bank, and the Turkish Academy of Sciences, as well as an ERC Grant.

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