Building in Istanbul evacuated after receiving damage in 4.1 magnitude earthquake

A four-storey building in Istanbul’s Güngören district was evacuated after a nearby 4.1 magnitude earthquake damaged one of the balconies.

Duvar English

A four-storey building in Istanbul on Dec. 18 was evacuated after an inspection following a 4.1 magnitude earthquake, according to reporting from Demirören News Agency.

A 4.1 magnitude earthquake late on Dec. 17 hit Marmara Sea near Yalova province, Istanbul’s neighbor.

The earthquake damaged one of the balconies of the building in Istanbul’s Güngören district.

Upon inspection by the fire department, police and municipal police, it was determined that the building was at risk for an earthquake. While the shop located under the building was sealed, the residents of the building were given time to evacuate their homes. 

Residents of the building stated that there were minor damages before the earthquake, that they saw small cracks in the columns and that water was constantly flowing from the ceilings.

One of the residents, Kahraman Hama Elhacı, said they felt the quake “a little.”

“We called the municipality. They inspected. They got our signature to vacate our house. We don't know where to go. The building is approximately 57 years old. They said, 'You have to leave immediately.' As I said, we don't know where to go. The municipality should do something.”

Another resident Hasan Samter said “They took samples from the colons. They will inform us accordingly. There will probably be rent assistance.”

Experts have been waiting for a major earthquake with a magnitude above 7 to hit Istanbul, or Marmara Sea, in the near future. The long-awaited earthquake is expected to create massive material devastation in the city, and experts often note that the construction in the metropolis is unlikely to be prepared for the quake.