Cargo ship and fishing boat collide in Bosphorus

A 99-meter-long cargo ship has collided with a fishing boat off Rumeli Feneri (Lighthouse) in Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait, fortunately resulting in no casualties or injuries.

Duvar English

The 99-meter-long cargo ship Vectis Isle, which was heading from Bulgaria to Greece, collided with a fishing boat in Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait about 10 miles off the Rumeli Feneri (Lighthouse) early on March 25. 

While there were no casualties or injuries in the accident, the cargo ship anchored under the guidance of the General Directorate of Coastal Safety, Demirören News Agency reported. 

The fishing boat was reported to have gone away after the accident and could not be spotted later.

“Our tugboats were promptly directed to the scene for the 99-meter-long cargo ship VECTIS ISLE, which collided with the fishing boat off the Türkeli Feneri while cruising from Bulgaria to Greece,” the General Directorate of Coastal Safety tweeted early on March 25.

“The ship named VECTIS ISLE safely anchored in the Türkeli Anchor Zone under the coordination of our Istanbul Ship Traffic Services Center,” the directorate later said.