Child rescued from rubble sexually abused in hospital: Report

According to journalist Evrim Kepenek, the prosecutor's office is investigating a case concerning the sexual abuse of a Syrian child rescued from the rubble in earthquake-hit Hatay. The child and her sister have been later brought to Istanbul for treatment.

This file photo shows a banner reading 'Implement 6284,' referring to the law on the protection of the family and prevention of violence against women. 

Duvar English

According to reporting by journalist Evrim Kepenek from online news portal Bianet, a man named Haşim Cemal E. has sexually abused a 13-year-old Syrian girl in the earthquake-hit Hatay province after she was rescued along with her sister from the rubble.

He also reportedly stole the golden jewelry the 13-year-old's sister was wearing on her arm and neck. 

After the incident, Muhammed Bilal K., the older brother of the two Syrian sisters, applied to the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office for the prosecution of Haşim Cemal E.

The Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation into the case and took the statements of the sisters. 

Speaking to Bianet, Muhammed Bilal K. said: "We were caught in the earthquake in Hatay. While I, my brother, mother, and father were under the rubble, my sister (13) and my older sister (18) were taken to Hatay State Hospital. I came out of the rubble on the third day."

He stated that when his sister was sent to Hatay State Hospital, she was sexually abused there by a name whose name she did not know first. "My sister found out about his name from someone who addressed him so. And I did some research and found about his social media accounts and determined the suspect by showing his photo to my sister."

The two Syrian sisters were later transferred to a hospital in the southern Adana province and then to another hospital in Istanbul. Muhammed Bilal K. however fears that her sister is not safe even in Istanbul as the suspect has been reportedly trying to find her. 

"The suspect man has been sharing the name of girls and women on his own social account, including that of my sister, writing, 'Do you know them? They are my relatives. I have been searching for them. Please whoever knows them, let me know,'" Muhammed Bilal K. said, asking for his sisters' protection under Law No. 6284, the law on the protection of the family and prevention of violence against women. 

"My sister told me that he has done this to other girls and women and this man is still walking around," the brother said. "I want this man to be arrested immediately to prevent other women from being harmed."