Chinese labeled BioNTech vaccines create confusion in Turkey

Chinese labeled BioNTech vaccines have stirred debate in Turkey, with social media users asking whether they're actually BioNTech. According to Health Ministry, the BioNTech vaccines were produced for a Far Eastern country and are in use in Turkey upon an urgent demand.

Duvar English 

Chinese labeled BioNTech vaccines have created confusion in Turkey, as social media users asked the Health Ministry whether they are actually BioNTech. 

Various social media users shared the picture of the vaccine on Twitter and questioned the company that produced them. 

"This is a weird situation. Even if they're produced for China, they should have a label reading BioNTech in English," Prof. Derya Unutmaz said on Twitter. 

"The Health Ministry should explain this urgently and remove doubts," he added. 

Other users asked Health Minister Fahrettin Koca to explain why there isn't any BioNTech logo on the vaccine. 

"How are we going to trust it?" they asked. 

Upon suspicion, the Health Ministry released a statement, saying that the Chinese labeled vaccines shared on social media are BioNTech.

According to the ministry, Turkey demanded BioNTech vaccines urgently when they weren't enough and the company sent the vaccines they originally produced for a Far Eastern country.

"Changing the labels would lead to the cold chain being broken," the ministry said.