Duvar English

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) has said that the Ankara is facing a much higher number of COVID-19 cases than official figures suggest, indicating that daily infections in the capital alone are close to 1,000.

The TTB said on Aug. 4 that coronavirus pandemic hospitals at the capital are working at a full capacity and they are running out of beds for COVID-19 patients, basing this information on the feedback coming from doctors on the field.

“We would like to state that positive daily COVID-19 cases in Ankara are close to 1,000…[Due to the overcapacity] Some of the virus patients who apply to pandemic hospitals are sometimes referred to other hospitals, but when there is no place left at also these hospitals, then patients are sent to their homes,” said TTB’s Ankara branch in a report.

A total of 51 healthcare workers have died of the virus during March-June 1 period, whereas eight more healthcare workers have lost their lives since June 1, the report said. “Unfortunately, the pandemic is tried to be tackled in an uncontrolled way with decisions that are not serious or scientific, and all the responsibility is being put on the individuals,” it said.

488 healthcare workers have so far contracted the virus in Ankara

The TTB also said that the number of healthcare workers infected with the virus in tAnkara has reached 488 as of Aug. 4. Among them were 94 specialist physicians, 81 nurses, 68 cleaning staff, 55 assistant doctors, 29 emergency medical technicians and 27 family doctors, along with administrative personnel, pharmacists, dentists, lab staff, x-ray technicians and security staff.

Ankara hospitals ordered to allocate half of their beds for COVID-19 patients

Meanwhile, Ankara provincial directorate of health on Aug. 4 ordered all hospitals in the city to allocate at least half of their beds at their medical departments for the use of COVID-19 patients, according to instructions sent to healthcare officials.

It said that all of the empty beds at the hospitals’ intensive care units will be used by COVID-19 patients. Also, patients who do not require an urgent surgical operation will not be hospitalized until a second notice.