Dr. Öz's handwashing method against coronavirus: 'Turkish Twist'

World-renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Mehmet Öz explained handwashing tips to slow down coronavirus transmission on an American late-night talk show. Dr. Öz said that most people do not know how to wash their hands "right" and showed a handwashing method which he named as “Turkish Twist.”

Duvar English

Turkish-American surgeon Mehmet Öz appeared in Jimmy Fallon's “Tonight Show” on March 12 and gave the audience surgical handwashing tips as a precaution against the novel coronavirus.

Explaining to Fallon that “most people don’t wash their hands right,” Dr. Öz showed two handwashing methods which he named as “Turkish Twist” and “Tony Thumb.”

“It is your fingers that touch your face; so after you open your hands, you do the 'Turkish 'Twist,' you rub your fingers in the palms; and then you do the 'Tony Thumb,' you rub your thumbs in the palms, and then grease the palm both sides; that is 20 seconds,” Dr. Öz said.

Finally, you “use a paper towel to turn off the sink and get the door open, and then you exit,” Dr. Öz said. “If you do that, [washing hands correctly] by itself, halves the chance of you getting the coronavirus, we believe.”

The renowned surgeon then ran down the list of common physical symptoms that manifest in an individual who has contracted the coronavirus.

“If you start to feel a high fever, a lot of lethargy — tiredness — with that,” Dr. Öz said. “If you have a dry cough, or some people get diarrhea, then there’s a reasonable chance that you’ve got coronavirus.”

World-famous Turkish surgeon Dr. Öz releases 'coronavirus survival protocol'World-famous Turkish surgeon Dr. Öz releases 'coronavirus survival protocol'