Daily expenditures of Turkish Presidency approach 15 million liras in 2022

The daily expenditures of the Turkish Presidency approached nearly 15 million Turkish Liras in 2022. The presidency increased its initial budget by one billion liras due to "energy and personnel expenses."

Duvar English

In 2022, the Turkish Presidency concluded the year with expenditures totaling more than five billion Turkish liras even though it had an initial budget of four billion liras. Notably, the daily expenditure of the Presidency rose to 14,694,000 liras during the same year, according to the daily BirGün

The Presidency asked for a supplementary budget last year citing “energy and personnel expenses" due to adverse developments in the country’s economy. Thus, the average daily expenditure amount, which was calculated at around 10 million liras in 2021, increased by 40 percent to more than 14 million liras. 

The Youth Ministry was also one of the administrative units that spent more than their allocations. The ministry spent 48 billion liras despite its initial allocation of 27 billion liras. In addition, the Directorate of Communication spent nearly two billion liras despite its initial allocation of 816 million liras.

The General Directorate of Highways could not settle with its initial budget of 85 billion liras and its year-end expenditures skyrocketed to 136 billion. Due to the obligation of the state to compensate for potential losses in projects assigned to private companies, the directorate finds itself allocating a significant portion of its budget towards state-guaranteed projects. This ensures that if the promised earnings from these projects are not realized, the relevant administrative unit will provide the necessary compensation.

The Presidency's 2022 activity report also did not disclose the names of the associations and foundations that received financial assistance from the budget. However, the presidency allocated nearly 1,5 billion lira in current transfers to various associations and foundations.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry had the highest amount of “aid” with 547 million liras, followed by the Youth Ministry with 339 million liras, and the Health Ministry with 303 million liras. 

Additionally, capital transfers totaling 362 million liras were also made to support these organizations, with the highest transfer originating from the budget of the Family and Social Services Ministry, amounting to 200 million liras.