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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has written on his Instagram account that he is very proud of his son who is doing his military service on the Greek-Turkish border.

“Very proud father! I’m sorry that, due to Covid, I could not come to Alexandroupolis to brag about you!” said Mitsotakis on the social media platform on Sept. 25.

Greek City Times newspaper reported that the 22-year-old Konstantinos Mitsotakis is based in Evros on the Greek-Turkish border and joined an artillery unit earlier this month.

The son of the prime minister decided to do his military service before beginning his Masters degree at Boston University, the newspaper said.

Greece has mandatory military service for all male citizens.

Earlier this month, Greece started to beef up land patrols amid fears that Turkey might push migrants to the Greek border to prevent the European Union from imposing sanctions against Ankara in response to the eastern Mediterranean dispute.

With tensions between the two NATO allies at their highest in years, Greece fears Turkey may use the migrants as a leverage, sparking a fresh migration crisis on top of a lingering energy dispute.