DNA test reveals chilling truth in case of deceased toddler

After the grandfather of a three-year-old toddler has been arrested in connection with her death, forensic DNA samples have revealed that the 70-year-old is in fact her biological father. The deceased child's mother reportedly said in her testimony that she had been raped by her father-in-law.

Hasan Yağal is seen being escorted by the police.

Duvar English

An analysis of blood samples has revealed that the deceased three-year-old Müslüme Yağal's grandfather is in fact her biological father, pro-government Sabah newspaper reported on Nov. 26.

The toddler was found dead 10 days after going missing in Turkey's southern province of Mersin. Her body was later taken to the Forensic Medicine Insitute for an autopsy, with the authorities expanding the investigation into the death.

Following his testimony, the toddler's grandfather Hasan Yağal was arrested on Nov. 23. And now according to newly released information, the 70-year-old is in fact not the toddler's grandfather, but is in fact her biological father, as the DNA sample taken from the child is compatible with the mother's, but not the father's. 

Daily Cumhuriyet reported that Hasan Yağal also turned out to be the biological father of one of the brothers of Müslüme, according to DNA samples.

The deceased child's mother Sevgi Yağal reportedly said in her testimony to authorities: “My father-in-law raped me and he is the father of one of my sons.”

Sevgi Yağal reportedly said that she was unable to talk about this previously since she was scared of being killed by her father-in-law.