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Turkey’s HİSAR air defense systems will be operational in a week as part of the army’s operation in Syria’s Idlib, Defense Industries President İsmail Demir said on March 3.

“HİSAR air defense systems will be operational in Operation Spring Shield,” Demir told CNN Türk, referring to Turkey’s military incursion in war-ravaged Idlib that was launched on March 1.

Demir said that KORKUT, a self-propelled air defense gun system developed by Turkish defense giant ASELSAN in collaboration with FNSS Defense Systems (FNSS), is currently operational.

“However, we can give the good news that HİSAR-A and HİSAR-O systems will be operational within a week during our [Idlib] operation. It will add another dimension to our air defense,” he added.

While, HİSAR-A is a low altitude air defense system, HİSAR-O is a medium range air defense system.

Both HİSAR missile systems were developed to protect military bases, ports, facilities and troops against threats from the air and are designed to be compatible with different platform integrations.

During the interview, Demir thanked ASELSAN and ROKETSAN, Turkish weapons manufacturer and defense contractor, for their efforts regarding HİSAR systems.

“They will make us more powerful,” he added.