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A one-year-old toddler has been tortured to death in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe district, daily Birgün reported on Sept. 28.

The police detained the father whereas the mother is currently missing, the daily said.

The incident came to light after the couple’s neighbors notified of the torture to the police.

The toddler was initially dispatched to the Sancaktepe Research Hospital, but was later taken to another hospital in Çekmeköy. The toddler named “Hayat” (which translates as “Life” in Turkish) died at the Çekmeköy hospital. “Hayat” was reported to have bruises and burn scars on the body.

The couple, who is said to have come from Syria about four-five years ago to Turkey, was living in an apartment in the Gazi neighborhood. The police took the testimonies of the residents living in the aparment.

Reports said that this is not the first torture incident that the child faced. Six months ago, the toddler was again similarly dispatched to the hospital with bruises on the body. The child was put under the protection of social services for a while, but was later handed back to the family.