Duvar English

An audit by Turkey’s Court of Accounts revealed that state-run Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) recorded 1.7 billion Turkish liras of excess spending in 2019, daily Birgün reported on Oct. 7.

While AFAD’s income totaled 146.8 million liras, expenses exceeded 1.7 billion liras, the Court of Accounts 2019 audit detected.

The report noted 808 portable goods being bought from AFAD’s budget, although none of the items were listed as capital with the agency.

The audit observed 6.8 million liras’ worth of “travel allowances,” 54.8 million liras in services and 1.6 million liras paid to non-profit entities.

A large spending item on the budget that was revealed to be undocumented in the audit was a 21 million liras transferred to offshore accounts.

Meanwhile, majority of AFAD’s income consisted of taxes, donations or transfers from other state agencies.