Duvar English

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) presented a draft bill in parliament to ban the use of electric bicycles and electric scooters for those under the age of 15, AKP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Muş said on Oct. 12.

“We presented a bill that includes regulation for electric bike and electric scooter lanes, and that set the legal age for riding bikes and electric scooters at 15,” Muş said.

The party also submitted a 39-amendment “zero waste” bill, the group deputy chairman said, aiming to implement fines for businesses that don’t have a zero-waste policy.

“The need for raw materials will decrease. Emissions will decrease. Waste from local production will decrease,” Muş said.

The party is projecting employment of 7,500 workers from the industry in the first year, and 20-years revenue of a total 6 billion Euros.