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Leader of Islamist Felicity Party (Saadet) Temel Karamollaoğlu shared a video titled “Economics Concert” about the Turkish economy with the title song from “Titanic” playing in the background.

The video featured key statistics about the Turkish economy with a badly played flute version of Celine Dion’s iconic ballad “My Heart Will Go On” playing in the background.

“It’s not the music, it’s the numbers that are annoying. The economy can not be fixed by hiding data,” Karamollaoğlu wrote along with the video.

The Felicity Party leader’s comments were most likely a stab at the March labor force data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) that displayed inconsistencies like a decrease in both the unemployment and employment rates.

The video depicted a 17 billion liras’ increase in consumer loans in April, about a 95 billion liras’ increase in business loans and unemployment rates for February.

The video also depicted the gap between Turkey’s hunger threshold and minimum wage, and the poverty threshold and the living cost of a single person.

Karamollaoğlu’s choice of soundtrack for his financial critique might be a reference to the story of the Titanic, the most luxurious ocean liner of its time that sank on its first transatlantic trip.