Erdoğan, Abbas to discuss Gaza aid delivery during Palestinian leader's Turkey visit

President Erdoğan is scheduled to hold discussions with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ankara this week, where they will address Turkey's humanitarian aid efforts for Gaza, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters.

The photograph showing Abbas and Erdoğan is taken in a previous meeting between the two leaders.

Duvar English

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is set to discuss Turkey's efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during talks this week in Ankara, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on March 4.

Speaking at a diplomatic forum in Turkey at the weekend, the State of Palestine's Foreign Minister Riyad-al Maliki said Abbas would pay a visit to Ankara on March 5 and meet Erdoğan.

Turkey, which has harshly criticized Israel for its attacks on Gaza and backed measures to have it tried for genocide at the World Court, has repeatedly called for a ceasefire. However, Ankara has no direct involvement in truce talks.

Unlike its Western allies and some Gulf nations, NATO member Turkey does not view Hamas, the Palestinian militant group which runs Gaza, as a terrorist organization.

Erdoğan and Abbas will discuss recent developments in Gaza as well as the situation in the West Bank, the diplomatic source said.

"Turkey has been delivering extensive humanitarian aid to Gaza in coordination with Egypt since the beginning of Israel's attacks. Within this scope, humanitarian aid operations will also be discussed during the meetings with President Abbas," the source said.

As Israel's attacks continued on the Gaza Strip, where the Palestinian were forced to starve without continuing access to aid, the 124 more people killed in the last 24 hours and the death tool increased to 30,534. The total number of wounded increased to 71,920.