Turkey exports weapons to Israel for sport, not warfare, TÜİK states

After reports on Turkey’s continuing export of weapon components to Israel based on Turkey’s official statistics institute TÜİK's data, the institute asserted that these components were used in "sport and hunting but not in warfare."

Duvar English

The state-run Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) has issued a statement to refute the news reports based on official foreign trade statistics, which showed that arms trade to Israel continued in November, when the attacks on Gaza peaked.

Online news outlet 10 Haber on Jan. 5 reported that foreign trade with Israel continued under the subheading "arms and ammunition, their parts, components and accessories" in November and that trade worth approximately $80,000 (2.4M Turkish liras) was carried out.

Making a statement to the news platform, TÜİK stated that the goods sold were not weapons but weapon parts and that these parts were for “hunting and sports purposes.”

"In the January-November period of 2023, exports to Israel within the scope of Chapter 93 totaled 903,000 dollars and exports in November were 80,000 dollars,” the TÜİK stated.

“The Chapter 93” products consisted of “non-combat firearms, revolver and parts, parts of pistols, swords, machetes, bayonets,” according to official statistics institution.

Many journos has been reporting that Turkey has been continuing its trade relations with Israel despite the government's "harsh" stance against Israel's attacks on Gaza since October.

The number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli army's months-long attacks on the Gaza Strip rose to 25,490 and the number of wounded rose to 63,354 as of Jan. 23.