Erdoğan’s ally Erbakan argues teaching theory of evolution makes people PKK members

Ruling People Alliance partner New Welfare Party’s leader Fatih Erbakan has supported removing the theory of evolution from the curriculum in the schools since it makes people “PKK members” and “communists” because “the PKK also teaches the theory of evolution.”

Duvar English

Ruling People Alliance’s partner, Islamist New Welfare Party’s (YRP) leader Fatih Erbakan on June 22 argued that learning about the theory of evolution makes people “Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) members” and “communists.”

While visiting shopkeepers in Karabük province, Erbakan said they have two main missions in the Parliament, that are “to ensure spiritual and material developments of the country,” ANKA News Agency reported.

“Securing spiritual development depends on making the curriculum to raise a generation with high moral and spiritual quality in the education system. You teach the theory of evolution in the education system, then you say that these children become PKK members. In fact, the PKK also teaches about the theory of evolution. When you teach the theory of evolution to the students in the curriculum, they will be either PKK members or communists,” Erbakan said. 

The Islamist party and Erbakan also wants Law No. 6284 on the Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence against Women to be abolished, and known for their strict anti-LGBTI+ stance. 

The party said that their demand for the abolition of the aforementioned law was accepted by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the alliance protocol.

Erbakan previously argued that COVID-19 vaccine recipients could birth babies that are half monkey, or have birth defects like three ears or five eyes.