Erdoğan’s Islamist ally Erbakan vows to close LGBTI+ associations on state TV

The state television TRT has started to broadcast Turkish political parties' official propaganda speeches. In his speech, ruling People Alliance’s partner New Welfare Party’s leader Fatih Erbakan promised to close the LGBTI+ associations in the country.

Duvar English

The state television TRT on May 7 started to broadcast the official propaganda speeches of the presidential candidates and political parties as only one week left to the elections. Ruling People Alliance’s partner Islamist New Welfare Party’s (YRP) leader Fatih Erbakan was the first politician to appear on the screen. 

While announcing his election promises, Erbakan said that the country’s LGBTI+ associations would be completely shut down, and they would be prevented from making “propaganda” to the public.

"We will protect our youth from disasters such as deism, atheism, and homosexuality and provide them with the necessary spiritual and psychological support," Erbakan said, and promised to give permanent positions to Quran course teachers as civil servants.

Before the YRP joined the ruling People’s Alliance on March 24, the party and Justice and Development Party (AKP) signed a protocol including subtle clauses that are discriminatory against the LGBTI+ community. Furthermore, the top Turkish executives, including President Erdoğan, has been attacking marginalized group in their everyday propaganda speeches as the election date approaches.