Former Turkish trade minister 'overpriced disinfectants sold to ministry'

Former Turkish Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan's company charged the Turkish government 75 percent more than the market average unit price of the disinfectant that Ankara purchased under her administration. Pekcan was recently removed from her post and had said that the trade was put through below the market price.

Duvar English 

Former Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan's company Nanoksia sold disinfectants to the Turkish government at 75 percent above the market price, the daily Sözcü reported on April 22. 

Pekcan was removed from her post on April 21, although she had said initially that the trade between Nanoksia and Ankara had been conducted at a lower price that cut the government's costs.

The Turkish government purchased five liters of Nanoksia's disinfectant for 175 Turkish Liras, which the company usually sells vendors at 100 liras per five liters.

Meanwhile, the market average for five liters of Nanoksia's disinfect is 150 liras, some 15 percent below what the former minister's company charged the government. 

Nanoksia was also reported to be a more expensive disinfectant producer, and substitutes are reportedly available for as little as 75 liras per five liters.

“We warned Hasan Pekcan. We told him it wasn't ethical to sell to the ministry," one company official said.