Group puts holiday goers at risk by landing helicopter on public beach in Turkey's Marmaris

A group of holiday goers in Turkey's Marmaris landed on a public beach in a helicopter, prompting surprise among the onlookers. The group wanted to have lunch at the Maris Hotel, politician Ali Kıdık said.

Duvar English 

A group of holiday goers has prompted shock among people resting on a public beach after they landed on the place in a helicopter in the Mediterranean resort town of Marmaris. 

The footage of the incident shared on June 13 shows a helicopter reportedly belonging to Bereket Energy landing on the public beach by putting those around at risk. 

The helicopter was reportedly carrying two businesspeople to the hotel, which could have been reached from the ground or sea. 

"The helicopter brought customers to Maris Hotel for lunch. It's forbidden to land a helicopter on a beach if there is no emergency. Hotels should have helicopter pads," Istanbul Municipal Council member Ali Kıdık said on Twitter. 

"What kind of sanction will the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority apply in this case?" he asked. 

Journalist Fatih Altaylı also asked the aviation authority whether the practice is lawful. 

Aydem Energy, which owns Bereket Energy, released a statement shortly after the footage prompted outrage on social media, saying that the helicopter was sold to a technology company in 2020.