HDP provincial heads detained as part of new operation targeting party

As part of a new operation targeting the HDP, detention warrants were issued for several politicians of the party, including Istanbul, Bingöl and Edirne provincial heads.

Duvar English 

Turkish prosecutors have issued detention warrants against several politicians of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) as part of a new operation targeting the party.

The HDP provincial heads for Istanbul, Bingöl and Edirne were among the 42 names for whom warrants were issued.

The headquarters of the People's Democratic Congress (HDK) in Istanbul was also raided as part of the operation. The HDK is a country-wide coalition platform of left-wing forces in Turkey that contains around thirty organizations, including political parties and trade unions.

“Our right to conduct politics is trying to be taken from our hands. And we are continuing to resist. Not long left,” HDP Istanbul co-chair Ferhat Encu tweeted.