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Uludağ, which is the highest mountain of northwestern Turkey, has become visible from Istanbul, due to the reduction of air pollution caused by the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

Istanbulites have posted photos online of the views from their homes, showing peaks of the mountain.

“The snow-capped Mount Uludağ now clearly visible from Istanbul for the first time in years due to pollution falling in the lockdown,” wrote a social media user, while posting a picture showing the peaks of the mountain.

The situation has arisen due to a dramatic improvement in air quality in recent weeks, after cars came off the roads and airlines canceled flights in response to the pandemic.

Turkey’s second consecutive weekend curfew in 31 major provinces, including Istanbul, took effect at midnight on April 17 to stem the spread of the virus. It will end on April 19 night.

On April 17, Turkey confirmed 126 more deaths from the coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 1,769.