Filiz Gazi / DUVAR

A nurse has claimed that he looked after children with cancer when he was COVID-19 positive at the Çapa Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, saying that he was misdiagnosed.

The nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he went to the emergency room of the hospital two weeks ago for showing coronavirus symptoms, but was told that he didn’t have high fever and was not diagnosed with the virus.

“They didn’t even make a test. I served child chemotherapy patients for two weeks. The diagnosis was made coincidentally two weeks later when the personnel underwent tests. If I hadn’t been tested, I would still be working there,” the nurse told Duvar, adding that “scandals are happening at the hospital.”

“I’m not guilty. There are security camera footage. I worked when I had coronavirus. I’m fine now, but worried for my children and my wife. They were also not tested. I isolated myself at home in our bedroom,” he said.

The nurse noted that he was asked whether he would like to work at the end of five days if he tests negative.

“If I have a quarantine period of 14 days, I will spend it at home. I’m looking after child chemotherapy patients. I don’t want to take responsibility,” he also said.

Saying that he has been calling the Health Ministry for days, he noted that no one responded or came to check.

“They left us on our own,” he said.