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The number of newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients have been on the rise for two days as of May 24, nearly two weeks after malls, hairdressers and small businesses re-opened in Turkey on May 11.

Some 1,141 persons were diagnosed with COVID-19 on May 24, a number that’s spiked since May 22, when only 952 novel patients were diagnosed.

The spike in the number of new diagnoses per day came 12 days after the the re-opening of malls, hairdressers and barber shops on May 11, the length of COVID-19’s incubation period.

Meanwhile, some 32 COVID-19 patients died on May 24, also observing an increase from May 22, when 27 patients had died.

Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca noted that the total number of recovered COVID-19 patients in the country approached 120,000, but didn’t comment on the increase in newly diagnosed patients.

Minister Koca noted that some 1,092 patients had recovered on May 24, putting the total number of recovered patients at 118,694.