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Turkey’s Interior Ministry has denied a circulated rumor across social media that the government would impose a weekend curfew in 15 major provinces starting early on Aug. 8.

A circular allegedly issued by the Interior Ministry has been circulating on social media, claiming that a curfew is on its way for this weekend.

Deputy Interior Minister İsmail Çataklı said on Aug. 6 that this circular was fake and urged the people not to be misled by such “fake documents whose origins are unknown.”

“All the measures taken regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have been so far announced through official means. In the upcoming period, all potential measures that will be taken will be again announced through official channels. We urge the people not to give credit to such fake documents whose origins are unknown,” Çataklı wrote on Twitter.

Turkey’s daily COVID-19 cases have recently shown a sharp rebounding trend, with more than 1,000 daily jump in successive days. 

The country’s new coronavirus cases surpassed 1,000 for the first time in three weeks on Aug. 4, breaching what the government has called a critical threshold to possibly reconsider rules. This has prompted the government to roll out new inspection and enforcement rules as new cases had hovered just below 1,000 since July 13.