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A 16-year-old Syrian teenager has been stabbed to death in a racist attack in Turkey’s Black Sea province of Samsun, daily Evrensel reported on Sept. 14. The incident reportedly happened on Sept. 13.

Eymenh Hammamı was with his brother İbrahim Hammamı and two of his cousins at the time of the attack. As they were waiting on the roadside, a car stopped and four people inside it started swearing at the Hammamı family.

After Eymenh Hammamı, his brother and cousins ignored these insults, the racist group left, but only to come back with more of their friends.

“This time they brought their friends, they were about 20 people. Two of the people had knives in their hands. We told them, ‘We are brothers, please don’t do it,’ but they still attacked us. At that point, I saw a police car far away, and I started following it with my motorcycle. When I reached the police and came back with them [to the scene of the attack], my brother was drenched in blood. We were late,” İbrahim Hammamı said.

İbrahim Hammamı said that his family had been living in Samsun for the last nine years and had come across the racist group several times before

“Those who did this to me should receive a penalty and justice should prevail,” he said.

Eymenh had been working at a bakery in the Vezirköprü district. İbrahim Hammamı said that his brother had been working at various bakeries for the last four years and receiving 50 Turkish Liras per day from his last employee. “He was working from morning to evening and attending courses at a youth sports center in the evenings. My mother and father are devastated,” İbrahim Hammamı said.

One person was detained regarding the attack, but the Hammamı family said that they will file a criminal complaint for all the 20 people in question to stand trial.