Hyundai factory workers protest low pay rise in Turkey's İzmit

Hyundai workers in Turkey's northwestern city of İzmit are enraged by the factory administration's decision to hand them a 14 percent pay rise for 2021. Workers did not board their service shuttles on March 26. The factory's new workers have been given a 10 percent pay rise for the new year.

Duvar English

Workers of Hyundai İzmit Factory on March 25 launched a demonstration in protest of their 14 percent pay rise for 2021.

The workers' protest continued on March 26 as they refused to board service shuttles and gathered in front of the factory shouting slogans of “Do not test our patience Hyundai” and “We are workers, we are right, we will claim our rights.”

They have indicated that they worked non-stop during the coronavirus outbreak.

Several police teams and armored water cannons (TOMAs) were seen in front of the factory.

Since the establishment of the factory, workers have not been allowed to form a union.

Turkey raised its minimum wage by 21.56 percent gross and about 16 percent net in 2021, for a monthly net wage of 2,825 Turkish lira.