Investigation launched into imam on charges of insulting Alevis

The Amasya Governor's Office on March 4 announced that authorities had launched both a legal and an administrative investigation into an imam following allegations that he insulted Alevis.

Duvar English

The governor's office of the Black Sea province of Amasya released a statement on March 4 saying that the prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into an imam following his insulting remarks against Alevis.

The imam in question faces charges of “insulting people and instigating them into hatred and animosity.”

The investigation came after imam known only by initials A.Ş. reportedly told an Alevi citizen: “You Alevis are presenting your wives to 'dede' [an Alevi religious leader]. And then you yourselves are entering the nuptial chamber, and accepting them as wives.”

The Amasya Governor's Office said that also an internal administrative investigation had been launched into the imam in question.

“We have released this statement since the allegations of a cleric in our Göynücek district having insulted our Alevi citizens are being exploited by some fractions and are being used as a political material,” the governor's office said.

The statement also said that the complainant citizen remembers the conversation with the imam having taken place about one year ago, whereas the imam claims it took place four-five years ago and not as how the complainant worded it.