Israel withdraws diplomats from Turkey following protests

Israel has withdrawn its diplomats, including Ambassador Irit Lillian, from Turkey following the protests taking place across the country against Israel for the bombing of the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, Turkish media reported on Oct. 19.

Reuters - Duvar English

Israel's ambassador to Ankara, Irit Lillian, has left Turkey along with other Israeli diplomats, Turkish broadcaster NTV and other media said on Oct. 19.

The Israeli embassy declined to comment on the reports.

Earlier this week, Israel's National Security Council issued a warning against travel to Turkey, citing fears that Israelis would be targeted by those angry at the conflict in Gaza.

It also urged Israeli citizens in Turkey to leave as soon as possible. Following the warning, Israeli airlines arranged flights from Istanbul late on Oct. 18 for Israelis who want to leave Turkey.

Turkish protesters have staged many anti-Israel demonstrations and Turkey has declared three days of mourning following the bombing that killed large numbers of Palestinians at a Gaza hospital.

The United States also closed its consulate in Adana province until further notice due to the ongoing protests, some of which took place near them as well.