Lifeguards batter man over attempt to break swimming ban in Istanbul

A group of lifeguards battered a man for wanting to break the swimming ban and enter the sea in Istanbul’s Arnavutköy district.

Duvar English

The district governor’s office in Istanbul’s Arnavutköy has banned people from swimming due to a risk of drowning in the face of strong winds and high waves. Despite this ban, several people went to the Arnavutköy beach to cool off as Istanbulites have been recently suffering from heat waves.

One of the citizens got into an argument here with the lifeguards about entering the sea. The argument turned into a physical fight and four-five lifeguards en masse battered the citizen in question. A video shared on social media showed the man lying on the beach and being physically attacked by the lifeguards.

The global rise in temperatures due to climate change has led to a series of extreme heat waves this summer, with experts issuing weather alerts. Several provinces of Turkey, including Istanbul, have not been spared from these heat waves, with citizens finding the solution by entering the sea.