Turkey's local elections results

Turkey's main opposition CHP has exceeded the expectations and became the leading party in the 2024 local elections. You can find the unofficial results here the Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir municipalities, as well as Turkey overall.

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Turkey has voted in the local elections 10 months after the general and presidential elections. You can find the updated results for the Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir municipalities here, as well as Turkey overall, according to the state-run Anadolu Agency.

Turkey has voted for district municipality mayors, metropolitan municipality mayors if it is a metropolitan province, members of municipal councils, and neighborhood heads ("mukhtars"). More than 61 million voters were eligible to vote in the elections in more than 200,000 ballot boxes.


Last update time: 04.10 a.m. (GMT+3)


Turkey overall

Ballot boxes opened: 99.17%

  • CHP: 37.69%
  • AKP: 35.53%
  • YRP: 6.17%
  • DEM Party: 5.64%
  • MHP: 4.98%
  • İYİ Party: 3.77%



Ballot boxes opened: 99.58%

  • CHP (Ekrem İmamoğlu): 51.04%
  • AKP (Murat Kurum): 39.62%
  • DEM Party (Meral Danış Beştaş, Murat Çepni): 2.09%
  • İYİ Party (Buğra Kavuncu): 0.64%
  • YRP (Mehmet Altınöz): 2.54%
  • ZP (Azmi Karamahmutoğlu): 1.97%



Ballot boxes opened: 98.81%

  • CHP (Mansur Yavaş): 60.26%
  • AKP (Turgut Altınok): 31.79%
  • DEM Party (Gültan Kışanak, Öztürk Türkdoğan): 0.76%
  • İYİ Party (Cengiz Topel Yıldırım): 0.87%
  • YRP (Suat Kılıç): 2.96%



Ballot boxes opened: 98.74%

  • CHP (Cemil Tugay): 48.89%
  • AKP (Hamza Dağ): 37.15%
  • DEM Party (Akın Birdal, Türkan Aslan): 4.07%
  • İYİ Party (Ümit Özlale): 3.61%


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