Members of gov't ally MHP attack DEVA provincial chair and journalist in southern Turkey

Turkey's opposition DEVA has announced that its provincial chair as well as a journalist have been attacked in the southern Karaman province by members of the far-right MHP, among whom was a district chair.

Duvar English 

The provincial leader of the opposition Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA) in the southern Karaman province, Burak Demirer, and journalist Hüseyin Ölger were attacked on Aug. 11 night.

DEVA deputy chair Mehmet Emin Ekmen said that eight to 10 members of the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) undertook the attack and among them was the MHP Karaman central district head.

“I express get well wishes to our colleagues who are under medical observation. You cannot wear us down with fickle attacks,” Ekmen wrote on social media.

DEVA deputy chair İdris Şahin similar condemned the attack in a Twitter post, saying Demirer and Ölgeri “were severely battered by those who turned the politics into a door of unearned income [rant].” “We call on the rulership to good sense for an end to violence on civilian politics,” he wrote.

DEVA leader Ali Babacan also announced the attack on social media, saying: “We will fight against this mentality that considers violence as politics.”