MHP district chair busted with 1 kg of heroin in drug operation in eastern Turkey

MHP’s Bitlis Hizcan district chair Eyüp Üste has been detained in a drug operation where the police seized 1 kg of heroin. After the incident, the MHP has dissolved its Hizan district management.

Duvar English

Eyüp Üste, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)’s district chair in the eastern Bitlis province's Hizan, has been busted with 1 kg of heroin. The police operation was conducted in the eastern Diyarbakır, online news outlet reported on May 4. 

After the operation, the MHP headquarters has dissolved the party’s Bitlis district management. “As per the discretion of our headquarters and party legislation’s relevant articles, our Bitlis Hizan MHP District Board of Management has been abolished,” said a statement released by the party’s Bitlis Provincial Organization.

MHP Bitlis Provincial chair Tekin Uçak initially denied the drug bust, but then confirmed it. He said that the incident “has no connection whatsoever” to the MHP and added, “Such incidents do not happen with us.” With regards to Üste’s detention, Uçak said, “I don’t know. We have not been informed.”