Turkish police seize 1.5 tons of marijuana in ship from Mexico

Turkish narcotics police have seized 1.5 tons of marijuana in a ship that brought cloth from Mexico and detained five suspects.

Duvar English

Turkish narcotics police on Oct. 10 seized 1.5 tons of marijuana hidden in clothes in a shipping container coming from Mexico at Istanbul’s Ambarlı Port. 

Narcotics police teams determined that a large amount of drugs would be shipped from Mexico to Turkey two months ago. The teams then launched an investigation, following the suspects physically and technically, Demirören News Agency reported.

After two months of work, they determined that the suspects would bring cloth to Turkey. The narcotic police, which started to follow the ship leaving the Mexican port, carried out an operation on the ship anchored in Ambarlı Port in Beylikdüzü district.

In the operation, the police seized 1 ton 580 kilos and 640 grams of marijuana hidden in bolts of cloth. The police also detained five suspects in the operation.